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Til Tuesday Live from The Channel 1984 and Jumping Jack Flash 1985

These are songs recorded at two different venues that never made it onto record which is a shame because they are fabulous and I love them. They are at 96kbps however the quality of the live recording is fair to begin with so a higher bitrate would make little difference. However fair (or poor) the quality of the recordings, they hold a special place in my life and heart because I was there and I love listening to them still to this day! I may put other songs on here depending on the bandwidth usage. If I get hassled from the authorities for doing this even though they are personal live recordings for which I make no profit, they will be distributed in another manner for fans that want them. Therefore feel free to share them at no cost to others.

Click to play them or right click on the link and "save target as" to save to your hard drive.

Always For You Enough To Save You
Learning You By Heart Five Minutes More
It's Just Like Me I Could Get Used To This (old version)
You Still Love Me From A Distance Opposites Attract

Ultra Blue - 4 Song Sampler Excerpts

Ultra Blue Tape Cover - click for larger image

These are excerpts of songs from the Ultra Blue 4 song tape sampler studio recordings. At some point I hope to make the complete songs available but this gives you a taste of Ultra Blue. I don't know why Ultra Blue never released a whole CD and as you will see from listening to these songs that was unfortunate. Same disclaimer as above.

Click to play them or right click on the link and "save target as" to save to your hard drive.

Its Always On My Mind - excerpt Its Always On My Mind - guitar solo
Im Gonna Love You Just A Little More - excerpt Im Gonna - guitar solo
Aint That What Life Is All About - excerpt Aint That - guitar solo
A New Day Yesterday - excerpt A New Day - guitar solo

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