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Ultra Blue - click for larger image After leaving Til Tuesday, Robert formed his own band called Ultra Blue with his wife Glenda. The band had some excellent well known local muscians on drums and bass. I saw them play many times over the years they were around at places like Club 3, Jumbos, The Channel, and when they played the Rock and Roll Rumble at Avalon in 1989(?). It was here that Robert really showed his chops in a way that he did not or could not in til tuesday. They had many excellent original tunes and did an amazing cover of Barry White's "I'm gonna love you just a litte more baby". To my knowledge Ultra Blue never released a CD and there was only a 4 song tape that they sold at shows at one point. This is unfortunate. If this is not correct please let me know.

A Boston area photographer has a web page with a couple photos of Robert in Ultra Blue. Dirty Water also has a photo here. I'm not sure at what point Ultra Blue was no more or what he did after that. Then around 2000 I heard that Robert had moved to Maine or Vermont and was in a wedding band. I have now found more information on that. Currently Robert is in a wedding/cover band called "Love Bomb". This article here talks about that and gigs they were playing in Amherst area clubs.  

Here is an article from the Valley Advocate about Valley Bands including Love Bomb that was archived on Google. If that link doesn't work I also put it here

December 2009 - Robert Holmes has a new web site !! Check it out!

More to come!
Content coming soon includes an Ultra Blue interview from the Beat magazine in 1989.

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