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A Tribute To Til Tuesday - Now and Then

click for larger image It was one Friday or Saturday night in the summer of 1984 that Barry and I descended the dark staircase to the celler of The Rat in Kenmore Square. It was there that we saw til tuesday for the first time. Thus began a year or so of following the band at various gigs around town and waiting for the eventual release of the first album. The concert photos here were taken at a show at The Channel in March of 1985. The Rathskeller and The Channel (among other great clubs), and til tuesday are no longer, but their memory will live on here and with each of us who was there during that great time (the "good old days"!).
What I hope to present here upon its completion are photos and articles about til tuesday that I compiled from that time period. I will also have links to sites about the Boston Band and Club scene then and now and what the former members are up to. And notes and photos of Ultra Blue, the awesome band that Robert Holmes formed after he left til tuesday. So til then, stay tuned! Its been 20 years but I'm finally get got this all on this site! I'm working on it now. There is a review I wrote on Amazon.com of Voices Carry called, " A timeless classic for any time!"

If you have any information, links, photos, live recordings etc that would help build the site then please email (below) me and let me know! If you were around then and saw Til Tuesday (or Ultra Blue etc) and would like to share your experience please email me as I plan to add a page with notes from other fans.

- David
You can reach me at cyberdave3000 at gmail



The rest Coming Soon!

Last update:

December 2009 - Robert Holmes has a new web site !! Check it out!

Dec. 29, 2007 - Added a forum!

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