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This is a place where I want to have not only fan mail about the site or the band but narratives of people's experiences seeing the band or about the Boston band scene back in the '80s. Send your comments and stories to David - click here to contact.

From: Andy
Subject: What a great band we lost!!
Date: Wed, 9 May 2007


I'm a 27 guy from Italy . Be carefully that this email wouldn't help you in any way. It's only a little thought or maybe a testimonial for you and especially for this band. I listened the special wonderful song "What about love" for the first time in the 2001, a really bad time for me. I searched this song for much time, without any good results. This is one of the best song I ever listened and now for me it's a really bad time again; today, this afternoon, I listened again the song and my search this time has been successful!! Could you believe it?? Well, it's a very special song for me, and thinking that I was born in that years it makes me feel better.
So, have a good work on this site and good times!
Kind regards,

Andrea from Italy (I'm a guy eh… not a girl as you use this name for the girls)

From: Julie MacNeil
Date: Tue, 15 May 2007

Hello! David,

My husband and I used to go see til tuesday all the time in Boston and I am working on a scrapbook of my life and would love to have a copy of the photos you have of Aimee and the band performing in the Boston clubs. We have awesome of memories of the band and would love to share them with you if you are interested. We used to go back stage and hang out with the band after the shows a lot and that was really cool. We got to know them just by following them from club to club when they first started playing in Boston and we brought her yellow roses for every show. I'm only guessing but the first time I saw them may have been a WBCN lunch time concert. It is sad to say but we have lost contact with Aimee since she moved to Calif. and we moved to Iowa. I really look forward to hearing from you, thanks you for your time,


Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007


Whats up man! Great TT site you have there. I was a TT gig regular and still listen to them often. I just discovered your site last week and wanted to say THANK YOU! What great memories you brought back.
The best part was finding the "sounds" section. I always wondered why "Always For You", "From A Distance" , 5 Minutes More" , "Learning You By Heart" among others never got recorded and released. I had a copy of the WBCN Lunchtime gig broadcast from The Channel but wore it out. Until the other day, I have not heard some of these songs in 10 years.
Thank you !!

Ed Carafa

From: "fritz"
Subject: A til Tuesday anecdote
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006

The first time I saw Til Tuesday , I was doing lighting in the now defunct Mafioso basement club Celebration -Under Narcissus. Til Tuesday opened with You still love me from a distance which I have now heard for the first time since 1984. I have had memories of that first amazing moment. The whole thing was like a dream with such a clean sound unlike any band I have ever heard and with Jumbo's (their light guy) lighting which really inspired me to do lights professionally for bands in which I did lights at other now defunct clubs like, Jumping Jack Flash, The Channel, Storyville, Jacks etc.
I Also saw The Fools for the first time in that basement who I worked for in 96-98.
But that song has been in my mind all these years, as soon after that they no longer performed it. Recently my brother jammed with Robert Holmes on his farm (he is a keyboardist) Thanks for the great site


From: Andy Hebert
Date: Sat, 27 May 2006
Subject: Nice til tuesday site David

Hello David,

I just checked out your tribute to til tuesday. Thanks. I have always been a fan of the records they made as a group. I do have a silly question though...would you know where I could find nice scans of the singles sleeves?
As always,


From: Juan Cruz
Subject: amazed by your great 'Til Tuesday site
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2005


Today I've had a nice little xmas present in the form of your 'Til Tuesday site, which I reached through a link in the Aimee Mann message board. I'm amazed that you have created a new site on 'Til Tuesday that IS interesting, tells unknown things and shares rare music! I've been missing that stuff (and many other people besides me, I'm sure) since infinitelyblue.com was shut down. I know it's up these days but they only have pictures.
Keep up the good work on that site man!
Cheers and merry Xmas!


From: Louis-François Dallaire
Subject: Til Tuesday webpage
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005

Hello !

Just wanted to say hi, and thanks for putting a webpage about Til Tuesday. There is so little information about them on the web ! This band was sorely overlooked back in the 80s, yet they were a personal favourite of mine. I live in Quebec City, Canada, and we rarely ever heard them on the radio. "Welcome Home" is on my list of all-time favourite albums - such a warm and beautiful record. "Everything's Different Now" was also a fantastic album, and both of them still regularly pop up in my CD player. I'm a huge Aimee fan as well, so I can't wait to read your section dedicated to her work.
I wanted to ask you about the song "Do It Again", on their retrospective. The liner notes say it features the original members. Does that mean that Robert and Joey joined Aimee and Michael in the studio ? I've tried asking that question on Aimee's official message board but got no reply.
Have a nice day,


From: david hodgkinson
Subject: Til Tuesday
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 2005


Just looked at the site, I stumbled onto a while back and not check it for a few months.You've done some great work with that.
I alas didn't really know of til tuesday until I heard aimee on the rush single time stand still. I heard people mention who she was and what band she'd been in but as I live in the UK didn't know of where to get the albums from. Anyway I saw her name motioned again some years later after the release of whatever. Ever since been as dedicated is slightly made record and memorabilia collecting fan.
I have just started to get my things together to produce and discography web site, which will go from the young snakes days all the way through to today and any other appearances by aimee or her songs on other peoples records ( and i tell you some of the covers of voices i have are truly terrible)
Think its gonna be a bigger job than I think so no time scale is being put on it but hopefully something should start to appear sooner rather than later. Still need to get the domain sorted (but having trouble deciding on a title as i also want to put some other bands on it aswell)
So if you have any strange issues of singles/albums interesting promotional items I would be grateful if you could send me some details. There are about some 500 CD Singles, 7", 12", LPS & CD from all around the world (Australia to the Former Yugoslavia)
Anyway keep up the good work

Dave H

From: "Richard Ragusa"
Date: 2 Aug 2005
Subject: til tuesday


Great reading your comments on Til Tuesday and Ultra Blue. I grew up in Quincy Mass and enjoyed seeing both bands in Boston in the mid eighties. When TT broke up and Robert and Glenda started UB I made it a point to see them at the Beachcomber in Quincy. tragically I never did buy any of the tapes they were selling. I have been searching high and low for there music and the only person I know who has it is a friend of mine who is a rabid music collector. He has some live music that was taped from radio when WBCN broadcasted the BCN Battle of the Bands. He has promised to make me a copy. I have still not rec'd it from him to this day.
So after growing more frustrated with no fix of great UB music I decided to try and find the Great Robert Holmes. I searched again on the internet and found Robert and Glenda and finally worked up the courage to call the number I had found. As the phone rang the nervousness in my belly grew. The phone was answred by a pleasant sounding lady. I ask if this was Glenda and she said yes. I could only come out with the words, "I am a big fan of UB" and really wanted to find some of your old music. She said that she was surprised that anyone even remembered UB...We talked for a while-the conversation was like one had by old friends. She told me that she would have Robert call me. Like she promised he did. again we talked like old friends and we spoke of the great music that UB made. He said he still has a large library of UB but would have to transfer it from DAT to CD which could take lots of time. I told him I would have no problem paying for his trouble. Again I was taken aback by his thoughts of how someone could still be intersted in a band that he thought time had forgotten. I hope some day he will have the time to make the CD's and even try and release them to the fans still interested. I hope some day to also get to western mass/southern vermont to see his new band Love Bomb. Please add my name to any list you may have of interested TT & UB fans.
Take care,


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